Color decorating in cranberry

Q. I am interested in exploring various paint shades of cranberry to highlight my bedroom walls. Can you make any suggestions?

A. Excellent choice -- you have actually selected a shade that is particularly "hot" right now! By nature, cranberry offers a warm hue that can either be bold or restful, depending upon the lightness/darkness and intensity selected.

If you are searching for a 'restful' shade in the cranberry palette, consider opting for a color in the red family that is softer and more muted for your wall selection. Gentler shades of cranberry are available in paler hues as well. You may also consider teaming your desired cranberry selection up with a serene, neutral shade of sand or a dusty shade of blue. Pay careful consideration to verifying that all colors within the bedroom palette reflect the same intensity in order to achieve the visual harmony and "get away from it all" ambience that you are searching for!

Consult with a paint professional to assist with searching paint color charts for the various paint manufacturers, in order to narrow down your paint color selection. As stated previously, you are in luck! You should be able to locate several attractive tones in the cranberry family using current paint charts, swatches and samples.

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