Southwestern colors

Q. Do you have any tips for integrating "Southwestern"-style colors into my home's decor?

A. Southwestern design and colors are currently very popular themes in home decor. The hottest colors that reflect today's southwestern styled homes are predominantly rich and earthy, highlighting the southwest landscape. Colors that focus on nature are particularly favored, such as deep terracotta and dark clay colors, soft sands, neutral stone, etc. Additionally, do not hesitate to combine other bold tones to contrast with these hues, for a dramatic look. For instance, vivid turquoise combined with deep terracotta and soft sand can be a stunning color scheme that can be used to highlight both wall coverings and furnishings that grace a southwestern styled home. Consider consulting with a paint expert who can show you various paint manufacturers color selections and can direct you toward specific hues that reflect a southwestern appearance.

Color and texture can be achieved via various painted effects, that can include a solid color scheme or special effect paint techniques (that produce interesting textural looks). If you choose to do the painting yourselves and are interested in the looks created by special effect paint techniques, consider purchasing any of the growing variety of decorative paint technique tools that are available at various paint stores or home improvement centers. These tools offer 'in a jiffy' assistance to the paint enthusiast who seeks to achieve specific looks. For instance, in the case of creating a southwestern appearance, you may wish to consider dimensional paint looks that highlight rough finishes, or sandy flecks within the paint color.

A paint professional can also point you in the right direction, in terms of necessary paint products that will create a long lasting and attractive appearance for you home, and the proper steps/products that are needed to achieve the look that you are in search of.

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