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Paint Disposal

Visit your local municipal household hazard disposal site!

A key tenant of our Life Cycle Thinking is disposal – proper disposal of paints. We provided tools for minimizing waste, however even with prudent practice we often have left over paint. It is quite reasonable to have some paint left over for touching up damaged areas. That said, to minimize clutter and avoid spills or unsafe disposal, it is important to think of other uses for paints and other household products. Note too that the hazards associated with handling and storing solvent containing paints are more stringent than for water-based paints. Hence it is important to check with your local governing agencies gauge best practice for disposal of different types of paints.

Paint Disposal
  • Use it Up,
  • Dry it Up, or
  • Pass it On.

Here are some helpful tips for handling left over paints:

  • As a first rule you must minimize the paint that you place in the sewer.
  • Donate paints to charitable organizations such as church groups.
  • Check with your local municipalities for their recommendations and guidelines on disposing of leftover paint.

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