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Painting is an Easy Way to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

With year-end holidays fast approaching, it won't be long before friends and family are at your door. Worried that your home isn't company-ready? "Don't panic. . . paint!"

Adding a fresh paint color scheme is a great way to beautify a home quickly and inexpensively and with several weekends left before company arrives, there's still plenty of time to do some interior painting before finishing your holiday preparations.

Read on for more holiday painting tips.

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Debbie Zimmer

Interior painting has always been regarded as an effective, hurry-up way to enhance the appearance of a home. But today, interior painting can be done faster and more easily than ever before using one of the new "paint-and-primer" coatings.

As the name implies, these products work as both primer and paint in a single coat, so they're ideal for time-pressed do-it-yourselfers.

Like interior primers, these new products do a great job of hiding the existing paint color and marks on the walls -- and, like high-end paints, they impart a beautiful, easy-to-maintain finish that resists stains and is easily washable.

Getting the performance of both a primer and a paint in a single can lets you short-circuit the normal painting regimen. Rather than applying a coat of primer and two or more coats of paint, you can simply apply two coats of a paint- and-primer product and eliminate the third application, saving a lot of time.

If you think a holiday home makeover may be in your future, following are some tips:

  • Concentrate on painting the rooms where your company will spend the most time – that will provide the best return on your investment.
  • In very large rooms (or, if you wait until the last minute), consider painting just one "accent wall" in an attractive new color. It will give the entire room a fresh appearance for the holidays, and if you want, you can finish painting it later on.
  • If it suits your taste, select a "holiday" paint color. Coincidentally, red is one of the best colors for a dining room; and green and silver-grey, both holiday hues, are projected to be among the "hottest" interior paint colors next year.
  • Should the weather be mild, think about repainting the front door to help create a great first impression of your home. For the same reason, consider painting your foyer.
  • To get the most durable paint job, use a quality paint containing 100% acrylic latex, ideally in a higher sheen level. Should your holiday revelers get reckless, you'll appreciate the easy-to-clean finish on your new paint job.
  • While lights, decorations, and ornaments will all come down in January, a fresh new interior paint job will bring joy throughout the year, and for many holiday seasons to come.

For more information on interior painting, color selection, and newly developed paint and primer products, visit the Paint Quality Institute blog at

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