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Paint and Primer May Be Just the Right Recipe to Restore Your Kitchen After the Holidays

If holiday parties have left your kitchen in need of a little TLC, restoring its appearance may be easier than you think. Recently introduced “paint and primer” products let you quickly add fresh color to your culinary center, all the while creating a tough new finish that will stand up to future festivities.

In most homes, the kitchen is the room that takes the brunt of holiday entertaining. It’s not only the place where meals are prepared, but also where guests tend to gather. The non-stop activity often takes a toll on kitchen walls and woodwork, so painting the room is very common at this time of year.

Read on for more information and let us know if your kitchen is also your next painting project!

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Re-painting has always been a great way to beautify a kitchen, but by using a paint and primer product (aka, self-priming paint) you can complete the project faster than ever before –- an important benefit when sprucing up an area that is in constant use.

The reason paint and primer products speed painting is that you need to apply fewer coats than you do when working with traditional coatings. Rather than applying a coat of primer and two or more coats of paint, you can often apply one fewer coat with a self-priming product, saving hours of application time.

A fresh paint job done with a quality paint and primer product also provides more carefree living, since these paints are very easy to maintain, especially in higher gloss levels. The tough, durable finish they form resists all sorts of stains, including those from stovetop spattering. And stubborn stains can usually be washed off the painted surface with plain detergent and water.

Your local paint store likely carries several different brands of paint and primer, and all will provide significant benefits. However, keep in mind that some types of self-priming paints outperform the others.

The paint and primer products that work best and provide a good balance of primer and paint properties – including good hiding of the existing color and good fade-resistance -- all contain 100% acrylic latex binder. The all-acrylic products also provide exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces and have great long-term durability, too.

So, if the appearance of your kitchen is suffering a “hangover” after all of your holiday entertaining, lend a helping hand: You can not only restore the former beauty of your kitchen, but make it that much better by applying an all-acrylic paint and primer product. It’s the perfect recipe for post-holiday redecorating!

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