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Enjoy Fall Colors inside Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Viewing the fall colors is a special treat that we all enjoy. But why wait for the leaves to turn when you can savor the same rich shades of autumn right inside your home?

Read the suggestions and tips that follow on how to bring the splendor of fall into your home.

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Debbie Zimmer

Saturated hues of red, yellow, and orange are among the best interior paint colors, and you can make them a permanent part of your indoor environment in just a day or two.

Where to apply them? Fall’s warm palette works beautifully in almost any room, but these colors are especially comforting in a dining room or den. Still, the choice is yours.

And don’t fret that you have to choose just one harvest hue for your home’s interior. Take a cue from Mother Nature and mimic the splendor of autumn scenery by mixing and matching two, three, or even more warm shades of amber, deep orange, bronze, scarlet, rust, even smoky purple, in a cornucopia of color.

You can do this by introducing two or more paint colors in a single room -- one on the walls and another on the trim, for example. Or, be a little more daring and paint three walls in one rustic shade, and use an entirely different paint color on the fourth, as an accent wall.

For even more autumn ambiance, consider painting adjacent rooms in different shades of gold, bronze and crimson. The sight lines from room to room will be reminiscent of beautiful fall scenery, with layer after layer of glorious color.

And don’t assume that you have to confine the color to just your walls and woodwork. You can sneak even more autumn shades into your décor by painting a favorite piece of furniture, a built-in bookcase, or your fireplace mantle in a harvest hue. As long as you draw inspiration from nature’s palette, you won’t go wrong.

Once you’ve finished painting, don’t be surprised if you feel a warm glow. Autumnal hues are not only pleasing to look at -- they can actually make a room feel warmer and cozier. So much so that you may even be able to turn down your thermostat a degree or two, saving enough on your energy bill to pay for your home’s beautiful new color scheme.

To keep your new paint colors looking fresh not just for fall, but for many seasons to come, use only top quality paints made with 100% acrylic. These paints are not only more durable than most, but they also resist fading, which will keep the color looking brilliant and beautiful.

So consider celebrating the turning of the leaves in a different way this year by harvesting some glorious autumn paint color for your home interior. It’s a great way to extend the beauty of this bountiful season!

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