Decorative Techniques



Dragging techniques help to achieve a beautiful effect - predominately the color of the topcoat, with hints of basecoat showing through. Dragging techniques are most often used on smooth surfaces like six-panel doors, so good surface preparation is essential.

If doors are your intended project, remember they get constant use so a high quality, 100% acrylic latex gloss paint is a good choice. High quality gloss alkyd paints also work well; however, they will have higher odor and take longer to dry.

What you need:

  • Wood filler and sandpaper (if there is cracking)
  • Base coat paint
  • Top coat paint
  • Glaze
  • Dragging brush (or long-haired paint brush)

How to do it:

Step 1:
Prepare the door - fill cracks, sand and clean.

Step 2:
Paint with two layers of base coat, allowing to dry between each.

Step 3:
Dilute the top coat (greens and other bright colors work well) with one part paint to one part glaze (if using latex paint, use a latex glaze; if using alkyd paint, use an oil-based glaze).

Step 4:
Using a dragging brush (or long haired paint brush), apply a thin layer of the colored glaze/topcoat mixture. Work with long vertical strokes, drawing the brush from top to bottom, maintaining even pressure and keeping the brush strokes as parallel as possible.

Step 5:
To avoid obvious brush marks at the point where the dragging begins, use your free hand to hold the bristles firmly while starting this technique.

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