Decorative Techniques



Marbling results can vary as much as the marble you are trying to imitate. It’s a good idea to have a piece of marble you like before starting your project to mimic its colors and veining. Choose base coats and top coats to match the desired base marble and the textured effects respectively.

What you need to achieve a white marble effect:

  • White basecoat paint
  • Raw sienna color
  • White spirit
  • Acrylic latex glaze (if using latex paints)
  • Artist brush
  • Paint brush and roller
  • Small cloth

How to do it:

The following are steps to achieving a white marble effect:

Step 1:
Prepare the surface - clean, sand, fill imperfections; remove all residues

Step 2:
Apply two coats of white basecoat, allowing each to dry thoroughly. Mix raw sienna color with one tablespoon each of white spirit and oil glaze. If using latex paints, mix the sienna color with acrylic latex glaze. Apply sparingly with an artist brush.

Step 3:
With a small cloth, wipe away varying amounts of wet glaze, allowing patches of light and dark to form.

Step 4:
To create the "veins" of marble, use a thin artist brush to apply the sienna glaze in lines, varying the thickness to achieve the desired look.

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