Decorative Techniques


Painting Clouds

The fun and engaging look of clouds on walls and ceilings never gets old. And for kids, it can make a room into a whole new world.

What you need:

  • Top quality interior low lustre or satin latex sky blue paint
  • Top quality interior white latex paint (either satin or semi gloss)
  • Latex glaze
  • Cotton rags

How to do it:

Step 1:
Paint ceiling with a top quality interior low lustre or satin latex paint in a sky blue hue. We don’t recommend flat paint for this technique. Sometimes it’s fun to bring the sky blue paint down onto the side walls (by about a foot) This will give your ceiling a three dimensional look.

Step 2:
Allow blue paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 3:
Determine where you want to place your clouds, including portions of clouds on the walls if you painted them. You can use chalk marks to guide your cloud design process.

Step 4:
Mix 1 part white paint with 3 parts latex glaze to make the ‘cloud glaze’.

Step 5:
Using a rolled up cotton rag, apply the cloud glaze to the ‘cloud’ area. You have better control over the amount of paint by using a rag to apply. Clouds should be ‘heavier’ in the center and lighter around the edges.

Step 6:
To add more color and perspective, add touches of pink, purple or yellow glaze to small sections of the cloud after the cloud is completely dry (>24 hours). Make these color glazes the same way you did the white cloud glaze.

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