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Beautiful Baths

Consider the décor and style of your home when designing a bathroom space. The appearance of the bathroom should blend harmoniously with the rest of the home interior.

Color Schemes: Consider establishing complementary color schemes within master baths, ‘jack and jill’ baths or any baths that connect to bedrooms. (When applying a complementary color scheme to connecting spaces; one hue would be utilized within each distinct space.) Examine the overall size of the bath when selecting color.

Design Ideas: There are an unlimited number of ways to allow color to add distinctiveness to the bath space. The following are some of the techniques:

  • Add color to wall coverings with painted bead boarding, combining paint with wallpaper borders and stencils.
  • Add contrasting color to bathroom doors and molding by painting doors and trim in deep tones that accentuate wall coverings and highlight tile colors.
  • Decorative paint finishes add tantalizing texture and stimulating color to the bathroom space.
  • Consider a decorative paint finish to enhance one larger accent wall within the bathroom.
  • Add color to plain window coverings by painting wood shutters or cornices using colors that appear within the existing color scheme.

The Decorative Techniques section provides step-by-step information.

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