Interior Ideas Room by Room


Beautiful Bedrooms

Representing a private sanctuary, bedrooms have more flexibility in terms of style, décor and color.

Color Schemes: Cool colors (blues/greens) provide a soothing feeling that adds everyday livability to the bedroom space. Cool colors also contain the added bonus of visually expanding small bedrooms and making the space appear larger (see Creating Space). Choosing adjacent colors on the Color Wheel for a bedroom color scheme allows for a particularly well-blended space.

Decorative Paint Ideas: Color can enhance your bedroom retreat in a number of imaginative ways!

  • Painted accent walls, stenciling and ceiling treatments are a few examples of transforming non-descript space into exciting wall coverings.
  • Decorative accents, such as painting a faux fireplace to serve as a bedroom focal point, lend warm ambiance and charm.
  • Painted doors and molding allow for the impact of contrasting paint colors.
  • Texturing paints and glazes inspire do-it-yourself decorative painters to devise innovative "faux" paint techniques that blend particularly well within themed bedrooms.
  • Painted headboards and other furnishings unify color schemes and promote a cohesive color palette in the bedroom space (see Decorative Techniques).

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