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Creative Craft and Hobby Space

If your particular hobby lends itself toward a specific color or combination of colors, why not incorporate the color grouping as the basis for your room design? For instance, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing all lend themselves to earthy, natural colors. Forest green, sandy brown and sky blue would be an example of a preferred color grouping for a nature enthusiast that prefers the outdoor landscape.

If your hobby space is "shared" as part of an existing room there are a couple of color options to consider:

  • One idea is to incorporate a similar (or non-competing) color scheme that is apparent within the room. In this case, the hobby room takes on the color persona of the room where it exists.
  • A second option would be to highlight the craft space by means of a decorative divider, using color to designate where the existing room ends and the hobby area begins. In this case, a folding screen or shutters can be painted and serve as a focal point, representing the entrance to the hobby or craft space.

Whatever your hobby or craft preference, allow your distinct style to shine by incorporating stylish color within your distinctive space. Review the Project Planner before starting your next project.

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