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Creative Kitchens

Depending upon your individual color preferences, kitchens offer an ideal opportunity to let your color imagination soar!

Color: For those homeowners that prefer bright colors, kitchens offer a blank canvas for applying colorful paint and wallpaper border combinations to wall coverings.

Add new life to worn or dated cabinets by applying a complementary paint color to update the existing appearance.

Neutral Tones: "Color conservative" folks may opt to inject a soft palette of personality with the clever addition of painted stencil borders and motifs (including currently popular themes such as garden and natural designs) that coordinate with existing kitchen themes.

Paint Techniques: Consider coordinating a decorative paint treatment, such as ragging, combing, etc. (see Decorative Techniques) with a contemporary wallpaper border. Or, if you love the look of decorative paint but lack the time to complete such a project, explore the possibility of adding a "faux" wallpaper border (that mimics decorative paint techniques) to a painted, solid color wall.

Additional Decorative Ideas:
  • Add color and pattern to a plain, white tile backsplash by applying color with a freehand or stenciled painted design.
  • Inject a splash of color to ordinary beadboarding with the clever application of paint.
  • Camouflage a damaged floor by selecting colors that are prevalent within your kitchen color scheme and painting a "faux" tile design.
  • Unify a mismatched dinette set by painting the table and chairs using one cohesive color.
  • Customize furnishings by applying a whimsical stamp or stencil to seats or seatbacks.

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