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Sensational Sunrooms

For those who are opting for a tranquil and spacious sunroom, consider utilizing calming blues and greens are part of your sunroom color scheme. Popular garden motifs and the concept of "bringing the outdoors inside" highlight a soothing color scheme that is comprised of a soothing blue and green color palette.

In contrast, yellows and oranges impart vibrant energy to a space and lend themselves toward the creation of a stimulating sunroom space. Consider these types of brilliant and vivid hues when the goal is to establish an exciting sunroom space.

A few painting ideas:

  • Painted ladders to be used to hold flower pots or as end tables
  • Painted screens hinged together make wonderful corner accents and can be painted solid, stenciled or distressed – depending on the motif of your sunroom.
  • Floors of sunrooms can also be painted - either with designs to simulate a rug or in patterns to simulate tile. Special floor paints are available that will have maximum adhesion to the surface you’re painting and maximum wear resistance.

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