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Looking for an Unusual Valentine's Gift? Make Your Greeting Card a Paint Color Chip

Buying a greeting card, chocolates, or roses may be your default setting for Valentine's Day, but why not give something more permanent this year, say a beautiful new interior paint color scheme?

Okay, a new squeeze might snooze at the idea of watching paint dry. But if your significant other shares your living space, an exciting paint treatment might just be very. . .well, exciting!

For starters, you'll score big points for Valentine's originality. If you involve your partner at the outset, selecting the paint colors can provide some nice together time.

Assuming that you're game for this gambit, you can proceed in one of two ways: either paint the room and surprise your partner; or involve him or her in the color selection process. Clearly, unveiling an already-completed room has more cache'; but jointly choosing the colors can itself be romantic.

Happy Valentine's Day Card

Either way, you can proclaim your love (and your colorful plan) by creating a clever Valentine's card using the printed samples of paint colors on display at your local paint store. Incorporate one or more of these color chips (for multi-color paint schemes) into a store-bought Valentine's card, or express your feelings in a homemade "card" fashioned entirely from large-size paint chips.

Doing the painting itself should, of course, be a labor of love. But that doesn't mean you have to work any harder than necessary. By using one of the revolutionary new "paint and primer" products, you'll simplify and speed up your Valentine's project – which may further impress your partner, and even free up more time for favorite endeavors. . . like watching old movies together!

How do paint and primer products make your project go faster? Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, explains:

"These coatings short-circuit the normal painting regimen: Rather than applying a coat of primer followed by two or more coats of paint, you usually need only apply two coats of a paint and primer product. That eliminates an entire application, saving both time and effort," she says.

If you're unfamiliar with paint and primer products, they provide the benefits of both primer and paint in a single coating. On the one hand, they conceal both the underneath color and surface marks as a primer would; and, like a high quality paint, they impart beautiful color in a finish that resists stains and is easily washable, especially in higher gloss levels.

Your local paint store, hardware store or home center may carry several different brands of paint and primer products, but according to Zimmer, the ones that perform best have one thing in common: "The best-performing brands – meaning they have a great balance of primer and paint properties -- all contain 100% acrylic, the very same ingredient used in the highest quality traditional paints."

So, if you're of a mind to do something different this Valentine's Day, why not something that will show your love every day of the year, such as repainting? If you take this tack, you'll benefit from using a top quality paint and primer product made with 100% acrylic. Both you and your sweetheart will fall in love not just with its outward appearance, but also with the way it stands the test of time!

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