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Step 3: Consider the Weather




There is more at stake in starting a job in fair weather than the comfort of the painter. Paint performs better in mild conditions. In fact, poor painting conditions can greatly compromise the paint job.

Not Too Cold

Most latex paints should not be applied when the air temperature or the surface being painted is 35° - 500° F – depending on the manufacturers recommendation (See paint label). Painting in cold weather is more difficult, and it takes longer to dry, leaving the wet paint more susceptible to dirt, insects and pollen.

If you use a latex paint, wait until the temperature is predicted to remain above the recommended minimum for the next 36 hours!

Not Too Hot

If you paint when it’s too hot, the paint may not last as long. This is especially true with latex paints. Avoid painting in the following conditions, especially if more than one condition exists: air or surface temperature exceeds 900° F; direct sunshine (particularly dark colored paint); gusty winds; low humidity; highly porous surfaces such as old, weathered stucco. For latex paints, these conditions will adversely affect film formation on the paint surface and not provide you with optimum properties.

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