Understanding Paint


Eco Labels and Trends

Have you noticed a new label on your paint can lately? As the industry becomes more regulated with the trend to lower and lower VOC paints, more paint manufacturers are finding ways to clearly mark their paint cans to reflect compliance and also promote environmental awareness. Formulators are not alone. Some large retailers have also joined in and staked out a position on green and sustainable! These marks, while different, are clearly an attempt to favorably marry the performance attributes of the paints with their environmental impact.

More information on one certification process can be found at the following link:
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

In addition, prominent marks in the industry are offered by:

Green Seal - This independent, nonprofit organization identifies and promotes green products and services and provides certification for EPA’s environmentally preferable purchasing. Have standards for low VOC, anti-corrosive and recycled paints, and adhesives.
Greenguard - Develops standards and certifies low emitting interior products. Greenguard offers a specific program for paints and coatings.
MPI Green Performance
MPI (Master Painters Institute) - has as its vision; a paint & coatings industry that develops and uses paints and coatings with balanced performance, safely and appropriately EVERY TIME!
Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage
Scientific Certification Systems - Offers two levels of certification for paints and coatings – Indoor Advantage and Indoor Advantage Gold. Products must meet strict indoor air quality performance standards to achieve certification, and must be re-examined annually to maintain certification.
Organization Specifications Type of Certification
US Green Building Council LEED Building
Green Seal Green Seal Product
Greenguard™ Environmental Institute Greenguard™ Product
Scientific Certification Systems Several certifications Product
Green Building Institute Greenglobes Building
NAHB National Green Building Program   Building (guidelines)
EPA and DOE Joint Program Energy Star Product and Building

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