Understanding Paint


Sustainability and Paint

From natural resources such as our air and water to personal resources such as our time and finances, the judicious use of materials is a smart decision.

Top-quality environmentally-advanced paints are no exception. They contain low or no levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) — ingredients in paints that evaporate during drying and can contribute to air pollution and unpleasant odor.

In response to recent federal, state, and municipal regulations limiting the amount of VOCs, top-quality environmentally-advanced paints have been introduced with increasingly lower levels of volatiles, yet with the durability, beauty, and performance of traditional coatings.

Being based on water, environmentally-advanced paints are safer to use. Clean-up is quick with soap and water. And because these paints incorporate innovative 100% acrylic technology, they are highly durable and therefore require less frequent repainting. Top-quality environmentally-advanced paints are available for indoor and outdoor application and come in all sheen levels ranging from flat to gloss enamels.

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