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Connecting Rooms with Color - How to Paint Open Floor Plans

Complimentary color scheme for an open staircaseAs every home decorating enthusiast is well aware, color has an enormous impact within a space. With the increasing number of new and remodeled homes reflecting open floor plans, carefully considered color schemes symbolize an integral part of the ambience within the home. Color can be used to create a fashionably cohesive open-styled home interior.

The carefully considered repetition of color represents a simple way to unite open concept spaces. Repeating the same hue throughout an open space is a common way to cohesively join connecting areas. For example, implementing same color molding throughout an open space can successfully tie together adjacent areas that boast different floor or wall coverings. Along the same lines, the use of identical trim colors on built-ins (such as shelving units or book cases) stylishly integrates adjoining areas that are used for distinctively different purposes.

Paint color scheme for open loftAnother method of effectively blending open spaces is by incorporating a limited palette of color that represents the same intensity of hues. Select the same tones consisting of two or three favorite colors that you would not easily tire of, and fashion two side by side spaces with the desired color palette. Utilize the desired color palette in varying amounts within each area. By limiting the color palette to a smaller number of colors that share the same intensity, the entire space maintains cohesiveness.

Consider implementing any of these color concepts to help beautify and unify your open floor plan. The application of any of these tips can yield a custom touch that is often apparent within upscale homes that have been fashioned by designers that command high price tags. Applying paint to various interior surfaces is a budget-friendly way to blend open space living areas together. With an active imagination and a healthy dose of paint and color, a savy do-it-yourselfer can produce attractive results that rival those belonging to the professional designer.

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