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Cost Calculator
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Calculate the Painting Costs for Your Next Job

To calculate the cost of your paint job, enter all applicable figures in the first column. Use alternate cases to compare different variables.

Figures are in US$, gallons and feet.

Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Price of paint per gallon, $:
$ $ $  
Number of coats of paint:
Coverage in square feet per gallon:
Total area in square feet:
Years of service expected:
Cost of surface preparation ($):
$ $ $ Enter 0 if no cost is assigned.
Cost of applying the paint ($):
$ $ $ Enter 0 if no cost is assigned.
Calculation Results:    

Number of Gallons Needed:

Cost of paint :
$ $ $  
Total Cost of the job:
$ $ $  
Cost per sq. ft.:
$ $ $  
Cost per sq. ft. per yr.:
$ $ $  
% of job cost for paint:
% of job cost for labor:


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