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Prep, prime and Paint
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Furniture/Bare Wood/To Be Painted

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • fill any gouges or splits with wood filler; let dry and sand flush
    • lightly sand the entire area to be painted with fine (#220) grit garnet paper, then dust off with clean rags
    • for maximum smoothness, dampen the wood and let dry 30 minutes prior to the final sanding step
  1. Priming:
    • prime all surfaces: use a stain blocking primer that is recommended for interior use; choose from:
      • latex stain blocking primer: excellent for general use, good adhesion, blocks most stains, superior long term adhesion and flexibility; easiest to use and lowest odor; use with latex paints only
      • alcohol-based (shellac based) stain blocking primer: maximum adhesion and stain blocking; moderate odor upon application, requires alcohol clean-up; quick drying; use with ample ventilation
      • oil-based (alkyd): superior adhesion and stain blocking; high odor upon application; use with ample ventilation; use if oil-based paint is to be applied; OK for latex paint
      • do not use PVA latex wall primer for this
    • do not leave a primer unpainted
  1. Painting:
    • use a satin or semigloss top-of-the-line acrylic latex or oil-based (alkyd) paint that is recommended for use on furniture

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